17 August 2011

Dear 2LML,

I was recently on holiday with my girls and got board so decided to prop up at the bar with a jug of sangria, yum!! So I turn and a group of hotties parked up next to me, hello!!! At this exact time, the MASSIVE baguette i'd ordered was propped infront of me, that was a conversation starter!!!

The 'Mark Wright' look-a-like of the group turned and said 'are you really gona eat all that piggy?' How rude! Well we all got talking and got onto the subject of relationships, interesting!!
He was married and began telling us about the affairs he'd had and how it 'was just human nature!!' We were literally taken back by how he was convinced he was doing nothing worng. He kept going on about how he loves his wife and kids but was on the pull that night and would return home guilt-free!!

Our verdict:

Is he for real? of course he is. Some guys have no shame!! We've come to the conclusion, we honestly don't undersand what goes through some peoples heads!!!! The ladies can be just as bad. You hear of affairs etc and even though it is their business and their life, no-one ever really know what goes on. I suppose people have their own reasons for submitting to temptation but for this guy to be married, have children and shouting about his affairs, it just shows pure disrespect and his lack of sanctity for marriage. Definite DITCH!!

They just don't realise the amount of people they are huting and can't love their other halves THAT much....keep it in your pants!! You've taken a sacred vow. We are big believers in karma, one day he'll realise and lets hope it's a little too late !!  Stories such as this is why some people lack faith and have a certain cynicism towards love - keep the faith people, there are good 'uns out there!!

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