10 October 2011

Hey girlies!

Can you help me out with some advice or comments on this one. I'm a lesbian and seeing a girl for 5 months now. She is actually amazing and I think I could stay with her but she seems a little off-put by the whole 'let's make this a bit more public' thing. I am a bit upset cos she has come out years ago and I have only told my family and friends in the last 5 months- mainly due to being with her.
She told me she doesn't want a label and that she like's how its going at the minute.
To be honest, I'm just a bit fed up of the sneaking around and not being able to touch her in public. It's not like I want her to be my girlfriend all over facebook, but it makes me feel a bit unloved. What should I do? I really like her and don't want to end but do you think I should give her a bit of an ultimatum?


Our verdict:

Well us girls have a pretty straight opinion on this girlie! Sexuality has always been something hard for most people to talk about as its still quite new to others. Being a lesbian shouldn't effect your relationship as much as it is if your girl has come out a long time ago. What is she so afraid of anyway? I reckon you have one last conversation with her explaining you are upset by the way she seems to want to hide you away. If her reaction isn't apologetic then we say get rid babe! If you came out to your friends and family for her benefit then she can do the same. After all, as you said, Its not as though you are asking her to even be your girlfriend. Best of luck honey!

3 October 2011

Help needed!!

Hi girlies, of course this story is going to be boy related because they seem to bring me sooo much trouble! The lad i'm seeing seemed to be really sweet until I heard what he was telling his mates about me behind my back. We went to a houseparty last sunday and I was chatting to Tom's mate who was very drunk. He told me that he was happy Tom and I were still together and said he was very jealous of all the sex we seemed to be having. I immediately stopped him in his tracks and explained that I was a virgin and nothing had happened yet. He went on to say that Tom boasts a lot about him and I doing intimate things. I was so shocked and upset as we havn't gone that far as I'm nervous. Tom's mate even had a little giggle when I explained I was a virgin which wasn't exactly comforting or nice! I really like Tom and he treats me very good usually but this has really got to me. He must be embarrassed that we are not sexually active yet but he has told me he doesn't mind waiting for me! Confused is an understatement! HELP!!!


Our verdict:

DITCH, DITCH, DITCH! This guy sounds like he needs a wake up call! The situation must have been extremely awkward for you and you shouldn't have had to go through that chat with his mate. It's nobody else's business what you and your boyfriend do or don't so he should learn to keep his mouth shut. We think it was a very pretentious thing to do. We could stick up for him a little and say that he may have felt left out amongst his friends banter but then again, why would he lie? It's all a little pathetic so I would get away from him to be honest girl! He should be happy to wait and look upon your virginity as something sacred.
Get rid lassy!

26 September 2011

Hi girls,

Last week I was out with my friends  in town when I met an old Uni friend. I went to University in Plymouth but I have moved back to Liverpool since.
He and I had had a fling back in Uni so I was chuffed when he brought me for lunch that same day.
He told me he had just moved here and so I told him I would be his personal tour guide. We had a great catch-up and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty happy when he told me he was a single pringle.
I've been seeing him quite a lot the last month and a half and he has now made a few friends through me. Thing is, he hasn't contacted me in about 2 weeks and I have seen photo's of him on facebook with a group of people I know very well. I can't help but be mad at him. Afterall, I showed him around and introduced him to everyone. Of course the aim was so that he would make friends and I'm happy he has, but not when he ignores me.
I don't know whether to contact him or just leave him to it? I feel a bit used and pushed to the side if i'm honest. Bitch or Ditch gals?


Our verdict:

Aw girly I say get rid of him. If he can't see how much you have done for him in terms of him being the new kid 2 months ago, then he simply is not worth it.
He should be so grateful for all the people you have introduced him to and he should definitely be inviting you on these nights out also.
If he doesn't want to date you for some reason or another then he should just tell you to your face instead of ignoring you like a coward.
There are plenty more fishies in the sea honey! I think you should probably give him a taste of his own medicine and next time he contacts you to go out, turn him down.
You don't need him!

19 September 2011

Hi 2 Love my Lips ladies...

I really hope you choose my story to be published on your blog as I need help, and fast. My friend told me that my housemate kissed the guy I have clearly fancied for ages last week on a night out. I am pretty upset because my housemate is meant to be a close friend and hasn't even had the guts to tell me. To be honest, I am very surprised by it all as she is usually very loyal and has a strong opinion of what is right and wrong.

I know that the friend who told me has always been jealous of our bond but Im not sure she would stoop as low as to lie about something like this. Should I confront my housemate? I'm finding it hard to be in her company as I feel she is being nothing but sneaky yet I can't help but think that there has been a form of misunderstanding.

She is the kind of person who would own up to any wrong-doing on her behalf immediately.
Could my friend be stirring? If so, I would feel really bad about confronting my housmate if nothing really happened as she has always been a fab friend. Help required girls!

Lisa, 21, Ormskirk


Our verdict:

I think this is one of those situations that you need ot act on now or never!

It could very well be that this friend really is that jealous that she wants to try and disrrupt you and your housemates strong bond! This would be the worst outcome in one way but not in another. Of course you don't want to believe that your good friend would do this but you need ot stop wondering and get to the bottom of it.There could be a possibly good explanation, or maybe not, but either way, give both friends a chance before making rash assumptions.

Go for it girl!

12 September 2011

Hello 2LML

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years since the start of August and really love him. About 2 weeks ago I found our something that has ruined our strong bond since. I'm very close to my sister and we are of similar age and share everything. She told me that her and my boyfriend had kissed at a houseparty.

I happened to be working that night so I couldn't go but i remember being really peeved because I knew it would be good.She told me that they had all played drinking games and definitely had one too many. My heart was literally pounding while she was telling me. She went on to explain how both she and my boyfriend ended up sitting outside on the decking talking, when before she knew it, he had kissed her but then quickly pulled away.I wanted to pick her up and shake her but instead, I just stormed out of the room and have not spoken a word to her since.

As for my boyfriend, I have kicked him to the curb and deleted his texts and number but its not stopping him coming around trying to tell me it was nothing but  a drunken mistake. Im not convined but I really love him, even after what has happened. He has treated me really well for our whole relationship up until now. I also can't bare seeing my sister so upset. She hasn't left her room in about a week. Do you think it was just a drunken blunder or should I ditch both of them?

Our verdict:

Well, well, well! This is a tough one girly. You are dealing with not only a boyfriend, but with a dear family member. Firstly, that must have been positively awful hearing that from your sister who you previously said is very close to you. I like to give a straight opinion but I really don't have one.

I understand that they were wrong and although alcohol was involved, neither your sis or boyfriend can blame the kiss on that. I do believe in second chances at times though and if your sister and boyfriend are really genuine about their apologies then maybe you should listen to their explanations. I'm not saying to jump back into anything but I reckon that sometimes, good people make bad mistakes. Also, It would be such a shame to ruin a sisterly bond over something that hopefully meant nothing.

What you need to do is see how genuine they both are and make your decision either way. I would definitely hold back from getting into a relationship with your boyfriend right now but maybe have a think and you could try re-build trust and get things working at some stage!

5 September 2011

Dear 2Love my Lips ladies,

I am pretty nervous about this problem I am about to present to you.I am really into this guy I met during the summer and am still seeing him. We really click and I have a great laugh with him, including great sexual chemistry.

The other day I went over to his but he was in the shower, so I propped myself on his bed and waited.Two minutes later, his blackberry began to vibrate and I saw his mum was trying to call so I answered and explained he was in the shower. I hung up and saw that his video files were open. I was a little bit taken back when i saw that the images on the non-playing video's seemed to be my boyfriend dressed up as a female.
I didn't panic for a moment as i guessed it was some joke between his friends and him.

It wasn't until I watched these videos that I realised my boyfriend was indeed, a blooming cross-dresser!
He introduced himself in each video as 'Becky' and went on to talk in an attempted female voice for the camera. The feminine clothes were stuffed to make boobs and he wore a full face of make-up and a long wig.

I am so freaked out and upset if i'm honest! He is so manly normally and I would never have guessed something like this! I want to confront the situation but how and what should i say?


Our verdict:

Okay this is a very, very tricky story! I am glad you didn't automatically ditch your guy on first glance of these video's as there may actually be an explanation to them!

You stated how he is normally very masculine and shows no signs of this kind of behaviour so why not just confront him?  I know, I know, you're thinking how can i possibly bring this topic up, but believe me, once you get it out of the way then you will feel a whole lot better. If it turns out he actually is a cross-dresser then you need to be honest with him about what he is doing and how it effects you!

He may tell you he cannot stop and this is a part of him and always will be, but this is the worst outcome possible. It may even be that this is a joke of some sort or even a project you don't know about so make sure to ask! It also may be a silly phase he is going through but it is fair enough if that freaks you out and you break up over it eventually. I say definitely talk to him first though, especially if you like this guy a lot!

17 August 2011

Dear 2LML,

I was recently on holiday with my girls and got board so decided to prop up at the bar with a jug of sangria, yum!! So I turn and a group of hotties parked up next to me, hello!!! At this exact time, the MASSIVE baguette i'd ordered was propped infront of me, that was a conversation starter!!!

The 'Mark Wright' look-a-like of the group turned and said 'are you really gona eat all that piggy?' How rude! Well we all got talking and got onto the subject of relationships, interesting!!
He was married and began telling us about the affairs he'd had and how it 'was just human nature!!' We were literally taken back by how he was convinced he was doing nothing worng. He kept going on about how he loves his wife and kids but was on the pull that night and would return home guilt-free!!

Our verdict:

Is he for real? of course he is. Some guys have no shame!! We've come to the conclusion, we honestly don't undersand what goes through some peoples heads!!!! The ladies can be just as bad. You hear of affairs etc and even though it is their business and their life, no-one ever really know what goes on. I suppose people have their own reasons for submitting to temptation but for this guy to be married, have children and shouting about his affairs, it just shows pure disrespect and his lack of sanctity for marriage. Definite DITCH!!

They just don't realise the amount of people they are huting and can't love their other halves THAT much....keep it in your pants!! You've taken a sacred vow. We are big believers in karma, one day he'll realise and lets hope it's a little too late !!  Stories such as this is why some people lack faith and have a certain cynicism towards love - keep the faith people, there are good 'uns out there!!