12 September 2011

Hello 2LML

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years since the start of August and really love him. About 2 weeks ago I found our something that has ruined our strong bond since. I'm very close to my sister and we are of similar age and share everything. She told me that her and my boyfriend had kissed at a houseparty.

I happened to be working that night so I couldn't go but i remember being really peeved because I knew it would be good.She told me that they had all played drinking games and definitely had one too many. My heart was literally pounding while she was telling me. She went on to explain how both she and my boyfriend ended up sitting outside on the decking talking, when before she knew it, he had kissed her but then quickly pulled away.I wanted to pick her up and shake her but instead, I just stormed out of the room and have not spoken a word to her since.

As for my boyfriend, I have kicked him to the curb and deleted his texts and number but its not stopping him coming around trying to tell me it was nothing but  a drunken mistake. Im not convined but I really love him, even after what has happened. He has treated me really well for our whole relationship up until now. I also can't bare seeing my sister so upset. She hasn't left her room in about a week. Do you think it was just a drunken blunder or should I ditch both of them?

Our verdict:

Well, well, well! This is a tough one girly. You are dealing with not only a boyfriend, but with a dear family member. Firstly, that must have been positively awful hearing that from your sister who you previously said is very close to you. I like to give a straight opinion but I really don't have one.

I understand that they were wrong and although alcohol was involved, neither your sis or boyfriend can blame the kiss on that. I do believe in second chances at times though and if your sister and boyfriend are really genuine about their apologies then maybe you should listen to their explanations. I'm not saying to jump back into anything but I reckon that sometimes, good people make bad mistakes. Also, It would be such a shame to ruin a sisterly bond over something that hopefully meant nothing.

What you need to do is see how genuine they both are and make your decision either way. I would definitely hold back from getting into a relationship with your boyfriend right now but maybe have a think and you could try re-build trust and get things working at some stage!

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