5 September 2011

Dear 2Love my Lips ladies,

I am pretty nervous about this problem I am about to present to you.I am really into this guy I met during the summer and am still seeing him. We really click and I have a great laugh with him, including great sexual chemistry.

The other day I went over to his but he was in the shower, so I propped myself on his bed and waited.Two minutes later, his blackberry began to vibrate and I saw his mum was trying to call so I answered and explained he was in the shower. I hung up and saw that his video files were open. I was a little bit taken back when i saw that the images on the non-playing video's seemed to be my boyfriend dressed up as a female.
I didn't panic for a moment as i guessed it was some joke between his friends and him.

It wasn't until I watched these videos that I realised my boyfriend was indeed, a blooming cross-dresser!
He introduced himself in each video as 'Becky' and went on to talk in an attempted female voice for the camera. The feminine clothes were stuffed to make boobs and he wore a full face of make-up and a long wig.

I am so freaked out and upset if i'm honest! He is so manly normally and I would never have guessed something like this! I want to confront the situation but how and what should i say?


Our verdict:

Okay this is a very, very tricky story! I am glad you didn't automatically ditch your guy on first glance of these video's as there may actually be an explanation to them!

You stated how he is normally very masculine and shows no signs of this kind of behaviour so why not just confront him?  I know, I know, you're thinking how can i possibly bring this topic up, but believe me, once you get it out of the way then you will feel a whole lot better. If it turns out he actually is a cross-dresser then you need to be honest with him about what he is doing and how it effects you!

He may tell you he cannot stop and this is a part of him and always will be, but this is the worst outcome possible. It may even be that this is a joke of some sort or even a project you don't know about so make sure to ask! It also may be a silly phase he is going through but it is fair enough if that freaks you out and you break up over it eventually. I say definitely talk to him first though, especially if you like this guy a lot!

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