19 September 2011

Hi 2 Love my Lips ladies...

I really hope you choose my story to be published on your blog as I need help, and fast. My friend told me that my housemate kissed the guy I have clearly fancied for ages last week on a night out. I am pretty upset because my housemate is meant to be a close friend and hasn't even had the guts to tell me. To be honest, I am very surprised by it all as she is usually very loyal and has a strong opinion of what is right and wrong.

I know that the friend who told me has always been jealous of our bond but Im not sure she would stoop as low as to lie about something like this. Should I confront my housemate? I'm finding it hard to be in her company as I feel she is being nothing but sneaky yet I can't help but think that there has been a form of misunderstanding.

She is the kind of person who would own up to any wrong-doing on her behalf immediately.
Could my friend be stirring? If so, I would feel really bad about confronting my housmate if nothing really happened as she has always been a fab friend. Help required girls!

Lisa, 21, Ormskirk


Our verdict:

I think this is one of those situations that you need ot act on now or never!

It could very well be that this friend really is that jealous that she wants to try and disrrupt you and your housemates strong bond! This would be the worst outcome in one way but not in another. Of course you don't want to believe that your good friend would do this but you need ot stop wondering and get to the bottom of it.There could be a possibly good explanation, or maybe not, but either way, give both friends a chance before making rash assumptions.

Go for it girl!


  1. I had a story like this but it turns out my friend wasn;t so 'nice' after all so I would advise you to ask her! What harm can it do!

  2. shauna. Ireland, 2220 September 2011 at 04:26

    I don't like the sound of that jealous friend! Suss the situationout more before accusing your usually loyal housemate!