26 September 2011

Hi girls,

Last week I was out with my friends  in town when I met an old Uni friend. I went to University in Plymouth but I have moved back to Liverpool since.
He and I had had a fling back in Uni so I was chuffed when he brought me for lunch that same day.
He told me he had just moved here and so I told him I would be his personal tour guide. We had a great catch-up and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty happy when he told me he was a single pringle.
I've been seeing him quite a lot the last month and a half and he has now made a few friends through me. Thing is, he hasn't contacted me in about 2 weeks and I have seen photo's of him on facebook with a group of people I know very well. I can't help but be mad at him. Afterall, I showed him around and introduced him to everyone. Of course the aim was so that he would make friends and I'm happy he has, but not when he ignores me.
I don't know whether to contact him or just leave him to it? I feel a bit used and pushed to the side if i'm honest. Bitch or Ditch gals?


Our verdict:

Aw girly I say get rid of him. If he can't see how much you have done for him in terms of him being the new kid 2 months ago, then he simply is not worth it.
He should be so grateful for all the people you have introduced him to and he should definitely be inviting you on these nights out also.
If he doesn't want to date you for some reason or another then he should just tell you to your face instead of ignoring you like a coward.
There are plenty more fishies in the sea honey! I think you should probably give him a taste of his own medicine and next time he contacts you to go out, turn him down.
You don't need him!

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