3 October 2011

Help needed!!

Hi girlies, of course this story is going to be boy related because they seem to bring me sooo much trouble! The lad i'm seeing seemed to be really sweet until I heard what he was telling his mates about me behind my back. We went to a houseparty last sunday and I was chatting to Tom's mate who was very drunk. He told me that he was happy Tom and I were still together and said he was very jealous of all the sex we seemed to be having. I immediately stopped him in his tracks and explained that I was a virgin and nothing had happened yet. He went on to say that Tom boasts a lot about him and I doing intimate things. I was so shocked and upset as we havn't gone that far as I'm nervous. Tom's mate even had a little giggle when I explained I was a virgin which wasn't exactly comforting or nice! I really like Tom and he treats me very good usually but this has really got to me. He must be embarrassed that we are not sexually active yet but he has told me he doesn't mind waiting for me! Confused is an understatement! HELP!!!


Our verdict:

DITCH, DITCH, DITCH! This guy sounds like he needs a wake up call! The situation must have been extremely awkward for you and you shouldn't have had to go through that chat with his mate. It's nobody else's business what you and your boyfriend do or don't so he should learn to keep his mouth shut. We think it was a very pretentious thing to do. We could stick up for him a little and say that he may have felt left out amongst his friends banter but then again, why would he lie? It's all a little pathetic so I would get away from him to be honest girl! He should be happy to wait and look upon your virginity as something sacred.
Get rid lassy!

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