10 October 2011

Hey girlies!

Can you help me out with some advice or comments on this one. I'm a lesbian and seeing a girl for 5 months now. She is actually amazing and I think I could stay with her but she seems a little off-put by the whole 'let's make this a bit more public' thing. I am a bit upset cos she has come out years ago and I have only told my family and friends in the last 5 months- mainly due to being with her.
She told me she doesn't want a label and that she like's how its going at the minute.
To be honest, I'm just a bit fed up of the sneaking around and not being able to touch her in public. It's not like I want her to be my girlfriend all over facebook, but it makes me feel a bit unloved. What should I do? I really like her and don't want to end but do you think I should give her a bit of an ultimatum?


Our verdict:

Well us girls have a pretty straight opinion on this girlie! Sexuality has always been something hard for most people to talk about as its still quite new to others. Being a lesbian shouldn't effect your relationship as much as it is if your girl has come out a long time ago. What is she so afraid of anyway? I reckon you have one last conversation with her explaining you are upset by the way she seems to want to hide you away. If her reaction isn't apologetic then we say get rid babe! If you came out to your friends and family for her benefit then she can do the same. After all, as you said, Its not as though you are asking her to even be your girlfriend. Best of luck honey!

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